Leading Progress in Communications

A1 Comms Group is one of the UK’s foremost mobile phone and communication solution providers. Based in Derbyshire, we operate several high-end national brands, covering both the B2B and consumer retail market. As a company that invests so much in innovation, whether that’s our people, products or services, we’re proud to lead progress within the industry.


Consumer Retail

We’re experts in dealing with consumers, whether that’s online or on the high-street. We manage four different digital brands, each with its own unique characteristics and demographics, as well a nationwide, retail presence.

B2B Solutions

We specialise in working with other UK businesses, providing for them an extensive range of bespoke unified communication solutions, which we carefully tailor to meet individual requirements on a per-enterprise basis.

Industry Services

We provide our first-class services and EPOS software to huge, household brands like Sainsbury’s and ASDA, allowing them to trade mobile phones and thus deliver a fuller scope of goods to their customers.

Partner & Franchise Opportunities

Perhaps you’re a talented employee working in the mobile industry, but wanting to be your own boss; or maybe you’re a dealership owner looking to take your business to the next level? There are huge opportunities to be had through A1 Comms Business Partners.

Who We Work With

We work with some the biggest brands in the mobile phone, communication and entertainment industry, which means we’re able to offer our customers – business or consumer – a wide range of products and services at fantastic prices.

Join Our Team

The door at A1 Comms is always open to innovative and enthusiastic people.

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