DERBYSHIRE, UK – 27 November 2020 – Affordable Mobiles – one of A1 Comms’ leading consumer brands – has launched its first TV ad campaign to promote a simpler and safer way of shopping this Black Friday, in tandem with the mobile phone retailer’s Black Friday sale.

The ad aims to address the infamous obstacles of shopping on the high street on Black Friday, namely the long queues, feisty crowds, and bitterly cold weather. Instead, offering the solution of shopping great deals online, without the so-called battle.

In the ad, viewers witness two colleagues talking about buying a new mobile this Black Friday.

The lead male – played by actor and comedian Ewan McIntosh, famous for his role in The Office – is seen dressing himself in increasingly elaborate protective gear in preparation for shopping on the high street. Until the lead female explains he doesn’t need to “brave the high street” – he can visit instead. Watch the ad here.

While much of the high street closed this Black Friday, due to Government national lockdown measures in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, a safer and more practical solution to the high street has never been more pertinent.

Bobbie Bhogal, Managing Director of Digital, said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch our first TV campaign. With most of the high street closed, we’re reassuring consumers that they still have a safe and sensible way to shop on Black Friday.

“It’s important that anyone who would usually buy on the high street knows that there’s a better alternative. You can get a better deal online at Affordable Mobiles, without leaving your home. And because we’re the only retailer with all four major UK networks, you don’t even need to leave our website to compare deals.”

The ad follows a series of recent updates to the Affordable Mobiles brand, which introduced a fresh look, including a new logo, typeface and website. Visit to see both the new brand and Black Friday sale in action.

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