DERBYSHIRE, UK – 17 March 2021 – Pupils at Somercotes Infants and Nursery School have been given a helping hand to ease their transition from e-learning at home, back into the traditional classroom setting, after Alfreton-based telecoms business, A1 Comms, donated 40 smart tablets.

The donation follows COVID-19 measures that have seen schools across the UK closed throughout much of 2020 and 2021, forcing pupils to adapt to new methods of learning at home through digital means.

Many of the students at Somercotes Infants and Nursery School relied on tablets and laptops to keep on top of their education over the last 12 months, and A1 Comms sought to alleviate yet more disruptions to routine as they make their way back into the classroom.

Matt Way, Head of Operations at A1 Comms, who’s two children attend the Somercotes Infants and Nursery School, believes that this donation will ease some of the obstacles that parents, and pupils alike, are facing as a result of COVID-19 measures.

“The pandemic has presented huge challenges for everyone but has been particularly difficult for parents and young children. We really hope that providing these tablets will ease the transition back to the classroom, and that both the kids and teachers enjoy using them.”

Helina Kirkup, Headteacher of Somercotes Nursery and Infant School, said: “The donation is absolutely incredible and really fantastic for the children in our community. We’ve faced all sorts of challenges in helping our pupils adapt to learning at home.

“Now that they’ve adjusted to digital-based learning through tablets, phones and computers, it’s incredibly useful to be able to continue their education in the same vein thanks to this very generous donation from A1 Comms.”

Digital devices have become a lifeline for parents and pupils accessing educational content since March last year, and can now remain at the core of the continued education of Somercotes Infants and Nursery School pupils.

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