DERBYSHIRE, UK – 16 June 2021 – One of A1 Comms’ leading consumer brands Affordable Mobiles has launched a new TV advert to promote their nationwide ‘Feel The Deal’ campaign.

The campaign brings to life the feeling of buying a new mobile phone from online retailer Affordable Mobiles, through an elaborate Bollywood-inspired, feel-good choreograph of energetic dance moves and catchy beats.

A1 Comms acquired Go Mobile in 2012, and by leveraging its industry expertise, well-established network agreements and manufacturer partnerships over 11 years, has nurtured the high street retail estate into a thriving franchise with 31 stores across the UK.

The TV ad sees a young male taking a break in a car garage, having just placed an order on the Affordable Mobiles website. Upon reading his order is complete and on its way via free next-day delivery, he gets up from his chair with a newfound bravado, drawing his colleagues into the centre of the garage before breaking out into energetic dance.

Meanwhile, a warm and increasingly excitable Geordie voice-over begins by stating that getting a deal from Affordable Mobiles can feel incredible. He then gives viewers the first taste of the campaign’s tagline – ‘Feel the Deal’. Watch the ad here.

The nationwide campaign, which hones in on the exciting feeling of getting a bargain, will run for 12 months and generate millions of impressions up and down the country.

The TV campaign proceeds A1 Comms’ strategic decision to focus on the growing digital arm of its business, following the recent sale of the Go Mobile high street estate. A1 Comms had its best-ever year for sales in 2020-21, having driven a 62% increase on the previous year.

Recent triumphs didn’t stop there. After a successful year of working closely and successfully with O2, A1 Comms was awarded the Best Partner for Operational Excellence at the O2 Partner Excellence Awards 2021, for the second year running.

Bobbie Bhogal, Managing Director of Digital at A1 Comms, commented on the TV campaign and said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch this TV campaign. With the recent sale of our Go Mobile brand, we’re shifting our focus to the digital side of the business.

“Our new TV ad is the perfect way of communicating how getting a deal online can feel just as good, or even better than an in-store experience, and we hope to show that customers can rely on us to provide some of the best deals on the market.

“It’s been a challenging year for both our staff and our customers, and we want to make the experience of buying a new mobile as easy and enjoyable as possible.”

Watch Affordable Mobiles’ new Feel The Deal TV ad here.

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A1 Comms
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