DERBYSHIRE, UK – 03 May 2022 – Matt Way, Operations Director at A1 Comms, took part in a Ukraine Crisis Appeal, raising £2000 for The Polish Scouting Association in the Midlands, which provides essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland.

The funds were raised through an appeal to Matt’s friends, family and colleagues at A1 Comms. Discounts from local stores, Mountain Warehouse and Aldi, meant the money raised covered the cost of over 1000 different supplies, including clothing, sleeping equipment and food.

Matt Way commented on the appeal, “I’m proud that we were able to contribute towards the fantastic efforts being made across the UK. We had hoped to provide a lorry full of supplies, but owing to the generous response to the appeal, we filled an incredible seven.

“Thanks to everyone who donated. You’ve helped make a real difference to people who are dealing with a reality we can’t imagine. If we made just one person’s life better, then it was time well spent.”

The UN reports that as of 25 April, more than 5.2 million people have left Ukraine. With Poland having taken in 2,922,978 refugees, where they are being offered food, medical care, social warfare and access to housing and schools. The government of Poland has appealed for more money and supplies to help the number of people arriving.

You can help support the Ukrainian Crisis Appeal online.

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A1 Comms
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