A1 Comms Payments

Customers of our consumer brands might see “A1 Comms” or “A1 Mobile Insure” on their bank statements. Here’s why.

Most of our customers don’t deal directly with A1 Comms. That’s because we operate a several online brands, trading as Affordable Mobiles, Buymobiles and Phones.co.uk respectively.

When you receive a payment from one of our brands, it can show as from A1 Comms. Likewise if you took out insurance through us for you mobile phone, it can show as debited by A1 Mobile Insure.


Cashback and Refunds.

When we pay cashback as part of our online deals, or send you a refund after returning an order, the sender can show as A1 Comms on your bank statement. While that’s a different name to the online brand you bought from, rest assured it’s a deliberate payment from Affordable Mobiles, Buymobiles or Phones.co.uk, and will match the value you were expecting to be paid.

Mobile Phone Insurance.

If you took out insurance for your mobile phone when you bought it from Affordable Mobiles, Buymobiles or Phones.co.uk, your monthly Direct Debit will be taken by A1 Mobile Insure. Please rest assured that it’s being correctly debited by the brand you bought for, despite the different name. If you have any further questions about your mobile phone insurance, please contact us through the brand you bought from.