A1 Comms has today launched Smooth Switch, a new service designed to help UK mobile phone customers understand “Text to Switch” Ofcom regulations and switch network provider more easily.

The new Ofcom rules, which take effect today, allow mobile phone customers to switch provider by sending a free text message. Smooth Switch helps guide customers through the new process, and highlights the benefits, including no longer needing to call existing providers to obtain a PAC code, as well as a ban on notice period charges after switching provider.

Smooth Switch also offers customers recommended deals to switch to, choosing from a range of brands, networks, contract types and allowances, including the data amount and monthly cost.

Jamie Tomlinson, Head of Digital Marketing at A1 Comms, said: “The new Ofcom regulations are really good news for customers because they can now switch networks so much more easily, and they’ll save a lot of money. Which is what we spend every day trying to do for them too.

“With Smooth Switch, we’ve created a clear and simple site to educate customers about Text to Switch and point them in the direction of the best deals that we can offer them, across all our consumer brands and over all four major networks.”

How Smooth Switch Works

The Smooth Switch service asks customers six simple questions to determine their best switching options, based on existing network provider, payment method and the type of deal they’re interested in.

Instructions on how to switch provider are then presented, including how to get a PAC code by text and how to use it to complete the switch. To help progress the switching process, customers will also get to choose from the best mobile and SIM only deals available via A1 Comms’ mobile phone consumer brands, including Affordable Mobiles and Buymobiles.net.

Head to the Smooth Switch website for more information about how the service works, as well as Ofcom’s “Text to Switch” regulations

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A1 Comms
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