DERBYSHIRE UK – 24 October 2023 – Leading UK telecommunications provider, A1 Comms – parent company of Affordable Mobiles, Buymobiles and – has announced a new partnership with Raylo Pay, the payment platform created by tech leasing fintech firm, Raylo.

A1 Comms has held an existing partnership with Raylo Pay since June 2022, when it was initially launched. The goal of the business was to boost SIM-free sales for A1 Comms, which was a huge success and led to SIM-free sales more than doubling in the following 12 months. Now, with the latest expansion to the partnership, customers will have access to top-end mobile devices as part of a new ‘Lease & Save’ arrangement, which will see handsets bundled in with SIM cards to offer bigger consumer savings in a more eco-conscious way.

The new arrangement with Raylo Pay, launching this week, will offer a more efficient, sustainable means to use mobile electronics, and aims to ensure that devices are used to their full lifespan potential as part of A1 Comms and Raylo’s commitment to reducing electronic waste in the industry. Furthermore, customers will be able to enjoy the latest handsets in an environmentally responsible way, keeping their old devices from ending up in junk drawers or worse, the bin, whilst making substantial monthly savings in comparison to traditional mobile contracts.

“With only 20% of e-waste currently being recycled, the ‘Lease & Save’ model ensures that devices are used to their full potential, contributing to a more sustainable future,” says Karl Gilbert, CEO of Raylo. “Together with A1 Comms, we’re building on a foundation of trust and innovation, redefining the consumer mobile experience to make it accessible, affordable, and environmentally responsible.”

Considering A1 Comms’ commercial brands (Affordable Mobiles, Buymobiles and account for a 20% of online pay monthly contracts, with handset sales exceeding 200,000 per annum, this latest partnership has the potential to make a significant and lasting impact on the way that consumers use their devices.

“We’re thrilled to have extended this important partnership with Raylo, both in terms of the potential for shifting the industry toward a more sustainable future and for the opportunities it provides for our customers to access the latest technology at great value prices,” says Steve Heald, Group Managing Director at A1 Comms.

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