DERBYSHIRE, UK – 23 June 2023 – On Friday 16th June, Rhia Mclean of A1 Comms took on the immense challenge of skydiving for charity, facing her fear of heights to raise money for the business’ Community Partner, Alfreton Park School.

The event took place at Langar Airfield in Nottingham, a British Skydiving affiliated centre where Rhia went through a short series of training in preparation for the skydive.

“I was a little worried to begin with, as the training was supposed to be around twenty minutes, but lasted more like four,” said Rhia on the subject. “I was extremely nervous, as taking on something like this was a big deal for me, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can do anything.”

Rhia and her instructor flew up to around 14,000 feet before taking a leap, freefalling for 7000ft and reaching terminal velocity at 120mph. At this point, Rhia’s instructor Joe opened the parachute and the pair glided down to earth for the final 7000ft, taking in the fantastic views on the way.

The adrenaline-packed skydive was planned by Rhia as a way to raise money for Alfreton Park School – A1 Comms’ Community Partner – to contribute to the completion of the school’s Deer Shed Project. The school works with students aged 2 to 19 with moderate to severe learning and physical difficulties, and the completion of the project would allow the school to provide further opportunities for students to gain experience and life skills before progressing on to their careers.

Donations sponsoring Rhia flooded in as soon as the skydive was announced, and she managed to raise £1000 in just four days. By the time the big day came around, the total had reached a little over £2000 – making her fear-facing jump an incredible success.

Rhia added: “I would highly recommend it to anyone, and who knows, next year I might do something even more terrifying!”

If you are interested in contributing to A1 Comms’ fundraising efforts or want to learn more about future events, please visit GoFundMe.


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